Opting Out of the Golden State Dentists

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Last updated Mar 8, 2024
Opting Out of the Golden State Dentists


Opting Out of the Golden State Dentists Directory


Golden State Dentists allows dentists to opt-out of the dentistry directory should they not be ready to claim their listing. A simple request through our contact page must reference the profile to be erased. Then, our team will review the requester's email domain and business website to guarantee the requester's identity matches the profile.

Note: non-official email addresses like [dentistname]12@gmail.com will not be accepted. Extra verification will be required if you can not provide a business domain email address.

After our team validates your identity, we will notify you once the removal from the Golden State Dentists dentistry directory is complete.


Why is There a Verification Process?


The fundamental reason is to protect the Golden State Dentists database from spammers and marketing firms trying to perform negative SEO on their competitors.


Negative SEO - Golden State Dentists


I've Never Heard of Negative SEO. What is it?


Negative SEO (aka. Black Hat SEO) is a strategy such as a listing deletion or contact modification request to take traffic and decrease the search rank of your rivals.

As your Golden State Dentists profile becomes more noticeable, your opportunities of acquiring brand-new patients likewise increase. An accurate profile can generate 5-10 queries each month, even if it's not claimed.

Knowing there is a limited number of patients available means every new patient you secure is one less for your rivals.

A common and direct tactic of negative SEO is the removal of internet marketing channels, thus decreasing online traffic. Possible patients who can not discover your dental practice online will head to your rivals.

When LOCALSYNC, which manages multiple professional directories, receives opt-out requests from non-official [dentistname]12@gmail.com-type emails, we have to question it. Unsurprisingly due to the usage of these “phony” email addresses, when questions are asked about identity verification, over 97% of requestors do not respond.


Key Takeaway: opting out can be an effective negative SEO tactic attempted by your competitors to limit your practice's online visibility. This is why Golden State Dentists takes these requests very seriously and employs a verification process before the removal of any listings.



Do You Have to Claim Your Listing to Update it?


The Golden State Dentists team will remove your dentistry profile upon request. But, it's important to understand that these directory sites offer essential backlinks to improve your SEO and Google search rankings. Therefore, it might be more beneficial to your dental practice to let us perform a one-time update to your profile for a nominal fee.

After locating your unclaimed Golden State Dentsts dental profile, select “Correct Listing” from under your name and address.

Prior to any updates, we will confirm your identity. The Golden State Dentists team will contact the email address provided during payment. Your payment will be canceled and reimbursed if we cannot finalize this verification procedure.


Correct Dental Listing



How Do I Set up My Profile When I Claim It?


You don't have to do anything! The Golden State Dentists team will set up your profile as part of your annual marketing subscription.


Claim Dental Listing



In conclusion, opting out of the Golden State Dentists Directory is possible. But, it might not be the best idea because it can limit your online visibility, making it harder for potential customers or clients to discover your dental practice. Additionally, online directories often improve your search engine ranking, which can be crucial for attracting more web traffic. Lastly, these directories often provide valuable reviews and ratings, which can enhance your credibility and trustworthiness among potential clients.

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